Tips: How to Choose the Best Laptop in Malaysia

How to Choose the Best Laptop in Malaysia - Choosing a laptop is like choosing a partner in life. Even though you will not be with your laptop for a long time, you still have to make sure that you have the best days of your life with it. When it comes to choose the best laptop, make sure that you know what you buy and what they are for. Do not buy if it is only for style, or do not buy if it is only to show off. Well, that is optional. But make sure that you choose the laptop because you do need it. Here are some tips to choose the best laptop.

The Needs
First and foremost, we have to consider our own needs, what are we going to do with the laptop? To make it easier, there are basically three kinds of laptop. The categories are:
1. Office Laptop
Office laptop can be used for basic needs such as browsing, listening to music, doing some essay, or just playing some games that don’t need any high specification. Those needs are very suitable for us who want to make the basic needs easy to do.
2. Graphic Design Laptop
This kind of laptop is used when your needs relate to graphic and color. Once for a while, you probably need it for word processing and also playing some games that don’t need a tough specification. This can be categorized as a laptop that can be used for entertainment as well as for your job.
3. Gaming Laptop
If you would like to spend some of your time playing games that need a high definition, stable performance, and sharp monitor, this type of laptop is ready to fulfill that. It can be used, too, for watching high definition film such as blue ray.

The Types
It is also important to pay attention on what kind of laptop we are going to buy. Make sure that you have adjusted it with your needs and your budget. For example, if you want to buy gaming laptop, then you have to be aware of the budget, because the specification must be in high definition. Brand can also be your guidance. So do survey.

Laptop Prices in Malaysia
In Malaysia, you can get a brand new basic laptop for as low as RM 850. Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo are among the top brands offering a basic laptop in this range. Hybrid notebooks from Lenovo and Acer cost over RM 2000, while the hybrid from Asus, the Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi is priced at a hefty sum of RM 1992. A refurbished laptop can be purchased online for less than RM 650.

Ultrabooks, with higher processing speeds and lesser weight, start at RM 1500 while high-end gaming laptops are priced between RM 2700 and RM 6199.The popular Microsoft Surface, the touchscreen laptop, can be purchased for RM 736 only.

Starting price of Apple Macs is RM 2999 for the 11-inch MacBook Air with 128 GB flash storage. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display starts at RM 4199. The 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at RM 6499.

The Warranty and Services
Warranty is one of the most valuable things we need to pay attention at in choosing a laptop, because normally the term of warranty will be a guidance for you to see if the product has a good quality or not. Do survey for the services. Testimonials of customers can help you decide the best.

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